10 Awesome Video Games That Should NEVER Get A Movie

Should Sonic REALLY get put on the silver screen?

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In the age of video games and Hollywood movies being the biggest form of media, it's inevitable the two will cross paths. Sometimes we get video games based on movies; some of which are good, some are bad, but then we get movies based on video games.

So far, Hollywood doesn't have a great track record with adapting video games for the big screen, but in recent years we've been getting some video game movies that aren't too bad. While they're not masterpieces, there's no denying that Assassin's Creed, Rampage, and 2018's Tomb Raider were all better movies than some of the godawful adaptations from the past.

Despite seeing a slight increase in quality, some of these movies just shouldn't exist, and there's a large group of franchises that should be kept away from the movie treatment. A movie could ruin the reputation of the brand, potentially tarnish the IP (hello, Hitman), or just be so pointless it's a waste of money.

10. Call Of Duty


The best-selling first person shooter franchise Call Of Duty has been around for over 15 years, and in that time has had single player campaigns of varying quality. From the critically acclaimed story arcs from Modern Warfare, to the poorly received slog from Infinite Warfare, Hollywood would have a lot to choose from if they felt like adapting the franchise to film.

Due to the nature of the action games, a movie interpretation would unfortunately fall into the cringey, generic, underdeveloped state that a lot of action films have been in recently.

If the world of cinema was to receive a Call Of Duty feature film based on the already existing stories, like Black Ops for example, it would have a hard time with pacing and character development, due to the games framing everything around a long form playable experience. Alternatively, a movie could create a brand new story, setting and characters, but it would then bear very little resemblance to the video games - apart from featuring guns and high octane action.

The only thing that would set a Call Of Duty movie apart from all the other action movies of recent years, would be the ridiculously high expectations from fans, which can only end in disaster.


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