10 Beautiful Video Game Songs

1. Uncharted - Nate's Theme

The theme for a game about adventure and action has to provide a great number of things. It has to be stirring, high-flying, and most of all, convey the sense of adventure that the gamer feels as they make their way through the story. Uncharted's main theme does exactly that and more.

Relatively light on percussion, this track mixes soaring violin segments with brass instruments to achieve a theme that could easily rival, and in many cases, outdo any Hollywood blockbuster. It reaches inspiring heights with the brass-strings combination, and like all of the best theme songs, it can be used in a variety of situations, be it falling from a cargo plane, or escaping from a train car off the edge of a cliff.

A mainstay of the series, the theme has undergone only minor changes from Drake's Fortune to its final incarnation in A Thief's End, with each adding their own flavour but staying true to the core theme. Uncharted 4, for instance, reflected on the fact that it was the final instalment in Nate's series by replacing the vibrant brass instruments with a solitary piano, stirring a deep sadness into the theme.

This was a soundtrack that made everyone feel like they could storm into any ancient temple and loot the place bare, and it will be sorely missed.

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