10 Beloved Video Game Franchises Overdue A Comeback

Come back, Batman. All is forgiven.


From Horizon: Zero Dawn to The Last of Us, many notable titles from the last few years have been completely new IPs. These new franchises have provided fantastic gaming experiences - ones that will stick with people for a long, long time.

Yet, while new IPs will always have a place in the industry - as proven time and again by the excitement surrounding announcements of such new franchises - there is always the added thrill of seeing a familiar title remerge onto your platform of choice.

In the last couple of years, we've had remasters of older favourites like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, which have managed to a spark a sense of nostalgia great enough that it's obvious simply leaving behind such classics would be a massive mistake - both from financial and consumer perspectives. Add in the sequels like Red Dead 2 and 2018's God of War, and it's clear why so many resources are put into continuing franchises - with these two in particular being absolutely stellar products that earned their publishers a hefty profit.

So, while it's always great to see developers experimenting with something new, there are plenty of pre-existing game universes ripe for exploration once more.


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