10 Beloved Video Games Series That Have Been Ruined By The Industry

9. Sonic The Hedgehog


The more hindsight we gain, the more it seems that Sonic was only a worthy competitor to Mario because of a lack of competition back in the early '90s. Whether or not my theory was the case, the Sonic series managed to keep up its high-speed momentum until the doomed Dreamcast.

Sonic Adventure and its sequel made it seem like the series could successfully make the jump to 3D, offering a no-nonsense linear experience that was a refreshing contrast to the more open 3D platformers of the time.

But when the Dreamcast died, a big piece of Sonic died with it. In making him a cross-platform character, Sega seemed to lose interest in making the series great, seeing as it no longer played the crucial 'console mascot' role it did before. While the handheld versions were yeah-alright, the 'AAA' titles (if you can call them that) have ranged from mediocre to awful, bottoming out with the atrocious Sonic Boom in 2014.

Someone has to tell Sonic to hang up his sneakers, because his glory days are well behind him...


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