10 Best 2019 Video Games You're Not Playing

How does a PS4 exclusive completely fall off the radar?

Dangerous Driving
Three Fields Entertainment

2019 has been a bizarre year for gaming so far.

First up, there is a TON to be thankful for. The first quarter saw Resident Evil 2's immaculate remake blow everyone's socks off, Kingdom Hearts 3 FINALLY satiated fans' needs after 14 year's worth of expectations, and Sekiro is now easily one of the most considered and rewarding games of the generation so far.

Even out-of-nowhere battle royale Apex Legends did the genre better than ever, and Devil May Cry 5 confidently reasserted the franchise as the name in premiere hack n' slash gaming.

Then... we kinda fell into a slump.

Recommendable titles like Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone still pepper the landscape, but the likes of Crackdown 3, Jump Force, Far Cry: New Dawn, Anthem, Rage 2 and World War Z started to outweigh the gems with tired, overstuffed, repetitive experiences you might play once and never again.

It's games like this that make you worry for the future of the medium; of a world where everything is a "Game as a Service", and we subsist on a diet of crafting components, "daily challenges" and random loot boxes.

Thankfully, the following titles are helping stymy the tide - you just need to avoid the fluff and put your cash down elsewhere.

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