10 Best Battle Royale Video Games - Ranked

Which will be the last one standing?

Bohemia Interactive

A large number of players descend into an expansive, open-world map and fight to survive with whatever they can scavenge - the winner is the last man standing. That's the crux of the battle royale genre, which takes its name from a Japanese novel wherein a bunch of students on an island are tasked with killing each other. It's a nascent subset of multiplayer titles that started out on PC, but recently exploded into the spotlight thanks to the massive popularity of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Naturally, when a game sells over 20 million copies before it's even been officially released, developers take note. It hasn't taken long for a number of games to try and capitalise on the success of PUBG and so a number of battle royale titles have flooded the genre quickly. The games' developers range from well-known powerhouses like Epic Games, to much smaller, independent teams.

Just how good are these games though? Battle royale titles are famed for being tense affairs, with the fear of being picked off by another player looming at every moment. Each one of the games on this list brings something fresh to the genre but at the end there can be only one game standing.


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