10 Best Battle Royale Video Games - Ranked

10. Unturned: Arena Mode

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Unturned: Arena Mode is an official mode found in the free-to-play zombie game, Unturned. It borrows from the foundations of the battle royale genre, but cuts it down to size. Instead of the enormous 100 or so players found in other games, Unturned: Arena Mode pits you against 15 other players in one of four small maps.

The game's uniquely colourful art style - Minecraft springs to mind when looking at all those blocks - may actually prove to be a selling point among the high number of gritty, military games in the genre. Beneath the almost child-friendly exterior however lies a fiendishly hardcore experience. The game boasts a litany of different weapons and attachments and the multiple maps means you'll be learning different tactics and play styles, to adapt to the change in location.

Like a number of battle royale titles, Unturned: Arena Mode is completely free, which is always a plus. The game might look like something for a youngster, but it plays like anything but. For a nice distraction from the big boy battle royale games, Unturned: Arena Mode comes recommended.


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