10 Best Fallout: New Vegas Mods

10. Alternative Repairing

Fallout 3 Mod Alternative RepairingBethesdaDownload Ever feel like keeping your equipment repaired and maintained was too simple? Do you desire a more challenging method of taking care of your gear? If so, look no further than the Alternative Repairing mod! In the base game, repairing was as simple as finding a similar object to the one that needed fixing, and bashing the two of them together. Not so with slippyguy's mod. Weapons and apparel are now fixed with the logical parts and tools. What this means is that instead of finding more sledgehammers to repair your slightly better sledgehammer, you'll need a steady supply of wonderglue if you intend on continuing your post-apocolyptic Triple H roleplay. Bladed weapons are thusly repaired with whet stones, and clothing with leather and cloth patches. Guns and energy weapons are repaired with their respective parts, which can be crafted with miscellaneous items found scattered throughout the wastes, such as scrap metal and sensor modules. Random junk can also be broken down to obtain these crafting components, which gives more reason to collect some of the useless items in the game. If you feel like the crafting system didn't have enough depth for you, or you just want to add some meaning to the unused junk you find in your travels, Alternative Repairing is for you.

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