10 Best Games Announced At E3 2019

Final Fantasy VIII has finally been confirmed!


E3 is over for another year, and as usual there were some exciting announcements, some disappointments, some much-anticipated reveals and some complete surprises. We saw trailers, gameplay, release dates, reveals and, in one breathtaking moment, Keanu Reeves.

The biggest takeaways were, as ever, the new games. Knowing when a much hyped game is coming out is great, but there’s nothing quite like the excitement of something brand new.

This lot are the best newbies E3 had to offer. To qualify, E3 needed to be the first official announcement of these games, so titles like Marvel’s The Avengers don’t count, as while it looks great, it was officially announced at E3 2017. Likewise, yearly sequels (this was the first unveiling of FIFA 20, for instance) have been discounted, as we knew these were arriving too.

However, anything that leaked prior to E3 but hadn’t been given any official confirmation still counts; after all, several of the leaks didn’t show up anyway.

With that in mind, there were a whole host of new titles to get excited about - even if we likely won’t see many of them for at least another year yet.


Stacey Henley is a published author, avid gamer and all-round nerd. She can most often be found roaming through vivid expansive spaces and discovering the world around her, but only in video games. In real life, she mostly stays home.