10 Best Gaming Marketing Campaigns Ever

8. Sex Sells

3940_heidimain That's right ladies and gentlemen, sex sells. Despite if you like to admit it or not, hunky man pecks or a nice pair of sweater stretchers, lung protectors, beach umbrellas or frost detectors will make people run out in droves to pick up a product. Activision know this and used it to their advantage. What on gods green earth is better than Heidi Klum doing the "Risky Business" with a bit of Bob Seger playing the background. Well, heterosexual men and homosexual ladies rejoice, there is a directors cut where she shakes her over shoulder boulders without a shirt on. All praise Guitar Hero. And if your thinking "Hey, that's sexist. Equal rights for women. Let's go amass in the local park, take off our bras and burn them", stop. They did a similar version starring Kobe Bryant. Your welcome, ladies.....although you can still take off your bras.

7. Night Elf Mohawk

ba Now, you know what sells more stuff that a super hot model prancing around in nothing but her undies and wiggling her lovely lady lumps is aging pop culture icons from the 1980s, or Mr. T, to be precise. Then again, I'm pretty sure everyone and their mum plays World Of Warcraft, so I don't know why they necessarily need a marketing push for it. But saying that, any excuse to bring the, less than gracefully aged, Mr. T to our screens. An excuse that isn't World's Craziest Fools anyway. It's not just Mr. T though. Other aging stars that can't seem to crawl away in a corner die appear in the commercials. Ozzy Ozbourne, Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme make cameos. Don't be surprised if the next round of ads include Sly Stallone, Carl Weathers, Kurt Russel's beard and some dude who was in the background of Conan The Barbarian. The whole marketing campaign still works and definitely brought WOW over, even more, into the mainstream. Despite totally not having a cynical bone in my body, it still sent a giggle throughout me. Ironically, the bone that makes me the most cynical is the humorous.....Hah.
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