Bioshock Infinite

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The Best of 2013 lists are out, and critics have almost universally decided that Bioshock Infinite belongs amongst the best of the best. While it has its issues (I for one am not a fan of the Lady Comstock sequences), the true sequel to one of the most beloved games of our time was also packed with wonderful, magical, passionate moments that made it the memorable experience that it is.

When a game relies on story and storytelling as much as Bioshock Infinite does, it needs to bring the goods, or the whole thing was just an exercise in futility. Luckily for gamers everywhere, the adventure of Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth is jam-packed with moments that will live with us for years to come.

In case this isn’t clear already, this article is stuffed to the gills with spoilers, including bits about the ending of Bioshock Infinite and the crazy cool stuff leading up to that moment.

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This article was first posted on January 15, 2014