10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs Of 2017

Who thought an easter egg could make you cry?

2017 video game Easter Eggs
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2017 has arguably been the best year for gaming so far this generation. With so many excellent titles dropping from each of the console owners as well as the major third-party studios, players have been spoilt with the sheer amount of games to immerse themselves in.

From the huge open worlds of Assassin's Creed to the intricately detailed nightmares found in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, developers outdid themselves this year when it came to creating engrossing worlds to explore and pick apart.

Consequently, with the volume of quality releases dropping over the past 12 months, there have been an equal amount of hidden details for the most hardcore fans to sift through. Packed to the brim with secrets, easter eggs and references to put together, just like years gone by, the volume of subtle nods towards other games, movies, TV shows and real-world events have rewarded the most dedicated players.

You might have missed them entirely or you may have been part of the few to spot them immediately, but either way, these hidden easter eggs are the most mind-blowing 2017 has had to offer.

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