10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs Of 2017

1. Nintendo Switch Has A Built-in Game To Honour Satoru Iwata

Iwata Golf

When players first got their hands on the Nintendo Switch this year, it was no surprise a small sub-section of fans dove into the guts of the system to map out the console's capabilities, and potentially discover any secrets that Nintendo may have obfuscated from customers. What was a surprise though, was the heartwarming easter egg tucked away in the console.

After tinkering with the machine, it was discovered that Golf, the first game from Nintendo's late beloved President, Satoru Iwata, was built into each and every Switch on the market. Unless you're connected to the internet though, the only day you can activate this latent game is July 11th: the day Iwata tragically lost his battle against cancer.

Not only that, but the way you actually activate the secret title is by performing Iwata's signature Nintendo Direct hand gesture with the Joy-Cons. It's a loving tribute to one of the most beloved pioneers of the industry, and is enough to bring a tear to any player's eye.

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