10 Best Video Game Secrets & Easter Eggs Of 2018 (So Far)

Who'd win in a fight? Kratos or Thanos?

Video Game 2018 Easter Eggs
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The best thing about games getting bigger and bigger every single year isn't simply that players are getting more bang for their buck, enjoying more hours of content than ever before, it's also that developers are encouraged to cram in even more secrets, easter eggs and hidden details than ever before.

2018 has been no different so far, with plenty of eagle-eyed fans combing through their favourite titles in an attempt to discover the little secrets developers have tucked away in their releases. Whether these turned out to be simple references to other games, movies or TV shows or substantial quests made specifically as homages to the influences behind these releases, there has been no shortage of easter eggs that have made your favourite games even better.

A good chunk have been great to randomly stumble across yourself, but others were so well crafted and well hidden that they deserved to be marvelled at in all their glory.

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