10 Best Video Games Of 2017 You Haven't Played

1. Nioh

nioh william
Team Ninja

Whisper it, but Nioh might be just as good as Dark Souls.

We've seen all manner of copycats since FromSoftware's monstrously addictive action RPG took off in 2011, but unlike Lords of the Fallen, The Surge or even Bloodborne, Nioh feels like it brings enough new elements to the table to warrant genuine comparison.

Playing as main-man William Adams (a real sailor from 1564), Nioh carries across Dark Souls' peppering of the environment with fallen characters from other peoples' games - yet here they can be resurrected and fought against to gain better equipment and weapons. It means grinding levels can be a huge benefit and fun challenge, and that's before you get to the combat, which is easily the best Team Ninja have ever put out.

Predicated on the same lock-on style as FromSoftware's games, Nioh gives you four stances per weapon, access to ranged Ninjutsu attacks, magic and a customisable series of animations including what to do during/after a parry, how charge attacks should function, what kinds of executions you want to pull off and many more.

Difficulty is of course sky-high (as seems to be the norm with this genre) but one you've locked step with how to control William and adapt to any combat scenario, there are few games as calculated, quality tested and fun to execute as Nioh.

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