10 Best World War 2 Video Games Of All time

Call of Duty ain't got nothing on Brothers in Arms.


Once over, games set in World War 2 ruled the world. With every type of release trying to get in on the action (but especially shooters. Every. Single. Shooter), the genre absolutely exploded in the late 1990s and into the 2000s, giving the world hundreds of titles that all mined the years between 1939-1945 for stories, battles and characters.

Rarely going out of fashion thanks to developers creatively using the era to put their own spin on what players expected, it wasn't until Modern Warfare changed the world that players started getting sick of seeing the same old weapons, the same old locations, and the same damn D-Day scene repeated over and over and over again.

However, while the gaming world has been on an extended break with the genre to explore the present day and the far-off future, there's recently been a groundswell of support for a return to the era.

Consequently, if the gaming world is going to go back to the setting, it needs to follow in the footsteps of the games that did the era justice, and it doesn't need to look any further than these 10 seminal titles.


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