10 Biggest Boss Battles In Video Game History - Ranked By Size

10. Reaper (Mass Effect 3)

Approximate Size: 160 metres

To say a human being, approximately 1.8m tall, is capable of taking down an alien species so big that we initially confused it with being a space craft, is perhaps overestimating our abilities.

And yet, Shepherd being the badass Spectre that he is (my Shepherd was male), he is able to do just that – albeit after possibly dying and reloading the previous save a few times, as all the best heroes do (just look at Tom Cruise in The Edge of Tomorrow).

After landing on Rannoch and attacking a Reaper base, Shepherd and his team attempt to take out the Reaper tech and so free the Geth of their control.

Unfortunately, while in the middle of this, an enormous Destroyer class Reaper crawls out of the ground and begins firing its huge lasers at you. While the larger Reapers stand at over 2km in length, Shepherd rarely battles them directly, allowing the Citadel fleet the opportunity to take down Sovereign, while the final battle against Harbinger is a more just a run, duck and hope event.

Fortunately, with his back against the wall, Shepherd proves in the battle of Rannoch that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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