10 Biggest Consumer Complaints The Gaming Industry Doesn't Want To Fix

"Games as a service" isn't going anywhere.


This generation has arguably far surpassed the last generation in terms of quality. So many fantastic games have come out as of late, that it's hard to think of a more exciting time for gaming.

With all three of the big gaming publishers doing pretty great work (Microsoft aren't falling that far behind guys), it seems like the industry can only go up!

That isn't really the case. Just because things are good doesn't mean that this generation hasn't had more than its fair share of problems.

Gaming is getting bigger and better, which means that it's a much bigger corporate target. Whether you like it or not, most games are more willing to take advantage of the consumer to get more money. Gamers are basically massive piggy-banks, and nowhere has this been more true than in this generation.

Combine that with some gameplay issues that have seemed to spread like a disease, and you've got a gaming generation that's actually pretty troubled.

Here's hoping that the next generation can iron some of these out. That's if the gaming industry finally wises up anyway...

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