10 Biggest Disappointments From E3 2018

From "CAN'T WAIT" to "...oh."

Cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt RED

In what was one hell of a rip-roaring show loaded with jaw-dropping reveals and monumental talking points, E3 2018 is now in the bag.

You can check out all our coverage over here, but we had everything from Microsoft's Phil Spencer confirming another Xbox was in development alongside a game streaming service for smartphones, Naughty Dog showcasing some gruesomely entrancing Last of Us 2 footage, and Nintendo busting out what looks to be the most ambitious Super Smash Bros. yet.

And still, there is the other side to all this positivity. As E3 is the press event and the place where "anything can happen", months worth of press coverage can result in a host of "confirmed games" not showing up - not to mention anything else a given conference is focusing on not hitting the mark.

E3 is always one of the most heavily scrutinised events in all entertainment, and though this year's show should be chalked up as a win all things considered, there were a good swathe of misfires on every level...

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