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People who don’t play video games don’t understand them. That’s a given. Some of these people then turn around and criticize video games and those who play them. Do we really deserve this punishment? Of course we don’t. We punish ourselves enough–by lying to ourselves.

Everybody lies to themselves at one point or another. Gamers are definitely no exception. Not every gamer will tell themselves all of these lies. Maybe there are even some gamers out there who never lie to themselves about any of these things, but odds are, if you don’t tell these lies to yourself, you know someone out there who does.


10. Everyone Else Likes Watching Me Play

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We’ve all known people who tell themselves this lie. For some reason, they seem to genuinely think others enjoy watching them play. It depends on the game, but for the most part, watching other people play is a terrible experience.

For one thing, they’re enjoying themselves, but you aren’t. Just watching them isn’t really that much fun. Depending on the game, you could get terrible motion sickness from watching them. You’d also rather be playing along, or playing yourself, because they don’t do things the right way and it drives you crazy. If you took over, everything would get done the right way. But if you took over, they wouldn’t really enjoy watching you play, either. 

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This article was first posted on August 20, 2013