Whether you want to believe it or not, gaming is a business, and the goal of this business like any other is to sell, sell, sell. The warm blissful stereotypical family that Nintendo put on is a lie, the incredibly forced social angle Sony put on is a lie and finally; the cool, trendy and or fly, attitude Microsoft has with their bloody Xbox is a big fat diabetic lie.

So, if you’re like me – which you’re most likely not – and are sick and tired of getting blinded folded by these companies don’t fret, I have complied a list of the ten biggest lies told to us by our cherished games industry.


10. PS4 Conferences


Yeah I know it only happened a month or so ago, but come on, what a bloody fibber! The PS4 Conference was just one big old slap in the face to everyone who was under the impression that PS4 related news was to follow. What we got in reality was a dull, uninteresting snore-fest on why being social is the step forward in gaming. Social and gaming together?  That’s a juxtaposition is I ever saw one.

All this means is Sony know that the PS4 isn’t as polished as they hoped, which is probably why they didn’t even show the bloody thing, or tell us the damn price. We did however, get one or two upcoming titles like Watch Dogs and Infamous: Second Son which, are coming on the PS3 anyway; so there really wasn’t any point in unveiling products that aren’t exclusive to the new platform. Sort it out Sony.

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This article was first posted on March 18, 2013