10 Biggest Open-Worlds In Video Game History

8. Grand Theft Auto V €“ 49mi2

At a glance, GTA V may not look as impressive as the multi-city map of San Andreas. It is, after all, just one city surrounded by miles upon miles of hillbilly backwaters, woodlands and deserts. But nostalgia is a funny thing, and the reality is that the GTA V map is around twice the size that of San Andreas, with Los Santos alone being the size of the whole northern desert part of San Andreas' map. That's because GTA V is the best attempt yet in video games to accurately mimic the design of a real city, unhindered by the technological limitations which forced San Andreas to use clever design tricks make the world feel far bigger than it was. The level of detail in GTA V is incredible, and Los Santos is, like its real-life counterpart LA, a sprawl of interweaving freeways, ghettos and beaches. There's so much going on that you'd happily just while away the hours wandering around and watching the city go about its business without your murderous interventions.Or you can get out into the countryside, take the gondola up Mt. Chiliad, and take in the spectacular landscape within which Los Santos itself looks like a mere speck.
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