10 Biggest Open-Worlds In Video Game History

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt €“ 84 mi2

Among the many achievements CD Projekt RED can brag about with the third (and probably final) entry in The Witcher trilogy is the spectacular map size, which is among the biggest and most dramatic in video games. The Witcher 3 world is split into several different zones, but each of these feels like a richly detailed, self-contained region with its own character and history. Much of the landscape and architecture is inspired by medieval central Europe, mixing up vast open plains, fields, villages and moody, atmospheric forests that stretch for miles. But of all the beautiful areas in this huge world, the one that most stands out to me is the Skellige Isles - an archipelago filled with rugged mountain ranges, dark pebbled beaches, and a distinctly rougher feel than the rest of the land (which says a lot). The Witcher 3 map is not only huge, but dripping in a deep sense of history and lore, enticing you to explore it for months.
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