10 Biggest PlayStation Fails Sony Wants You To Forget

Remember PlayStation Move? How about UMDs? The PlayStation Phone? Us neither.

Sony are flying high right now. Sure, they sell every single PS4 at a loss, but they won't mind considering it's selling so damn well. With nearly 30 million flying off shelves, the sales of Sony's latest console outnumber those of the Xbox One nearly two to one, and even at this early stage of the current-gen console war it looks like they've got it in the bag. But while Sony's played most of its cards perfectly so far, it's been in the game for enough time to have had its fair share of fails too. Over the years, Sony have (dis)graced us with weird media formats that were doomed to fail from the start, console mascots who were so stuck in their era that they were quickly brushed under the carpet, and games that were meant to sweep us off our feet, but instead had us stood firm, screaming in frustration at some purportedly 'innovative' motion controls. Of course, Sony's probably so happy with its current console that they can easily look back on their past failures and laugh. If they can't, well that's too bad, because this list will be digging up the PlayStation's lowest moments over the years so we can instead.

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