10 Biggest PlayStation Fails Sony Wants You To Forget

7. PlayStation Move's Complete Lack Of Support

With all the fanboys squabbling over whether the PS3 or Xbox 360 won the last-gen console war, it's easy to overlook that the Nintendo Wii stood supreme over those two in terms of console sales. It introduced gaming based mostly on motion controls, making it accessible to the whole family in a way that no console before it ever was. Both Sony and Microsoft figured that the best response to to this was to come up with the own motion-control gimmicks. Microsoft launched the irritating Kinect, while Sony brought out the sex-toyish PlayStation Move. As a technical piece of kit, the Move actually wasn't that bad, but by the time of its release Nintendo had pretty much hoovered up the entire casual gaming market that this type of controller was aimed at. Sony released meager equivalents to hit Wii games, but did incorporate Move controls into a few games in neat and innovative ways (see Portal 2 and Heavy Rain). Ultimately, the controller's positives were eclipsed by the fact that a full Move setup (two Move controllers, and a 'Nav' controller) cost more than the Wii itself, and the move was dismissed as little more than an attempt by Sony to ape Nintendo; the PS3 came out of the whole mess looking like a hapless Wii-wannabe. The Move may yet find a new lease of life as a natural accompaniment to PlayStation VR, but its tenure on the PS3 is best forgotten.
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