10 Biggest Video Game Bombs Of 2018

10. Battlefield V


How did this one happen?!

Ever since the launch of Battlefield 2: Bad Company, the Battlefield series has been held in pretty high regard, delivering consistent and thrilling multiplayer experiences.

Yet for some reason this year, Battlefield V has completely failed to take off and has been received pretty neutrally. Considering how beloved Battlefield 1 was and how big of a name the series has, this one really is a complete surprise.

The controversy surrounding Battlefront II last year might be a contributing factor to how Battlefield V has been received, but it might just be because of how similar the game is to Battlefield 1. There aren't enough substantial changes to the average player to get really excited about this one.

There's also the fact that Black Ops 4 went all in on the Battle Royale trend and ended up taking the world by storm, so Battlefield V's lack of the mode definitely hurt it.

The sales numbers for Battlefield V ended up being down 63% from Battlefield 1 in the UK, and pre-order numbers were looking bad way before launch.

Considering the consistent quality of Battlefield, this one really is a shame.

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