10 Biggest Video Game Financial Disasters This Generation

Oh, Crackdown 3. We hardly knew ye.

Crackdown 3

The video game industry, from a financial perspective, is only going from strength to strength. Love them or hate them (but let's face it, most people fall on the latter side of this argument), microtransactions and DLC has resulted in publishers making more money than ever before, while the biggest titles on the market are reaching the largest audience they possibly can.

The dawn of the new generation really reinvigorated the industry as a whole, and it's difficult to remember that, before Microsoft and Sony unveiled their new consoles, many pundits were hypothesising that we could have been heading for another video game crash. That hasn't happened, but it doesn't mean the desire for more sales hasn't become any less cutthroat.

There are more games coming out than ever, and while that means more devs get a shot at success, it also means way more end up in ruin. The worst thing as well, is what constitutes a "financial disaster" these days is rather puzzling. A big title might appear to make a ridiculous amount of money on the surface, but still be a total disappointment for the people who made it, resulting in the franchise being put on ice or, worse, the studios themselves going under.

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Crackdown 3
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