10 Botched Features That Almost Ruined Iconic Video Games

Seriously, what the hell was up with Oblivion's dialogue system?!


Although some iconic video games have gone down in history as being perfect, no title is without its flaws. Bad features haunt great releases as much as they do terrible ones; it's just that some games have a better way of recovering from their missteps than others.

With so many ideas being crammed into one project and with titles having to sustain their quality for hours upon hours, it's no surprise that not everything the developers throw at the wall sticks.

GTA IV is an amazing sequel and one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, yet even a title as impressive as that still managed to feature one of the most derided mechanics of all time, somehow thinking that NPCs calling players up every twenty minutes wanting to go bowling was a good idea.

While they can cause issues, glaring imperfections in otherwise amazing titles like this are often happily overlooked if a game succeeds enough in other areas.

Even then, while some releases can get away with having a couple of botched mechanics or systems that detract from the fun, certain iconic video games over the years came awfully close to having their entire reputation ruined by a single terrible feature.


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