10 Cancelled Video Games That Looked Awesome

9. B.C.

Ah, Peter Molyneux, the master of getting us hyped up with awesome looking games that are basically catastrophic disappointments. We’ve learned not to take him at his word too often these days, but we were admittedly drawn in by the sheer scale and ambition of B.C., which would have players controlling tribes of cavemen in an action-adventure setting, helping them to evolve and create settlements whose dispositions depend on the cave-people you breed. What seemed most impressive was the chain reaction of your actions; for example, it would have been possible for tribesmen to affect the food chain if they killed enough animals, which could in turn have had dire consequences if left unchecked. However, in 2004, despite releasing some very promising footage, Molyneux summarily halted production on the title, deeming it too ambitious to meet his standards.

Well, how about devising a workable concept before moving the damn thing into production, then? You’ve probably cost people some work, damnit. Not to mention found another reason to regard you as the most overrated video game mogul of all time. Okay, rant over.