10 Classic Nintendo Games That NEED Switch Remakes

What other classics could follow Link’s Awakening to the joycons?


Nintendo Switch recently celebrated its 2nd birthday, and in many ways it’s a console which has propelled Nintendo back to the industry’s peak, arguably for the first time since the N64. In the meantime, we’ve had the GameCube, Wii and a GameBoy handheld that’s evolved too many times to count.

It’s a company which has always made great games, but still, the Switch has seen it go toe to toe with the big boys for the first time in a generation. A genuine competitor to the Xbox One and the PS4, though it can’t match those for graphics, a handful of phenomenal exclusives have seen it shoot up the charts.

Newer IPs like Splatoon and Octopath Traveller are doing well, while oldies Zelda, Mario and Pokémon draw in fans from elsewhere. Speaking of Zelda, the recent announcement of a Link’s Awakening remake has been met with fervour. Nintendo aren’t the money-grubbing sort, so you know this remake isn’t going to be a lazy cash grab.

While Nintendo is unlikely to go all ‘live action Disney’ and sweep through their old favourites to churn out remake after remake, there are a few gems in their roster that are worthy of love all over again.

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