10 Co-Op Video Games That Created More Enemies Than Friends

5. Contra Runs The Gamut Of Annoying Co-Op Features

In many ways, the frustrations of Contra€™s two player modes were in no way unique to the game. In fact, it€™s actually something of a hall-of-fame collection for 8-bit co-op frustrations. For many, though, it was their first taste of many popular multiplayer annoyances of the era.

Such as: screen change deaths caused by uncooperative players, losing out on the best power up when you needed it most, and of course, watching in vein as your no-good partner proceeds to go through lives like they€™re trying to cause the enemy take pity. Suddenly, viewing your friends as the ultimate liability in your pursuit of success became as essential a part of the Contra experience as the Konami code.

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