10 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Upgrading To The Pro

HDR is the future, but the future doesn't come cheap.

PS4 Pro PS4 Slim

More than any other generation before it, players have never enjoyed so much choice when it comes to the variety of consoles they can pick up and play. Not only do we have the big three from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, but for the first time ever fans have been offered improvements on these base models that boast more than just a smaller design and an improved hard drive size.

Unlike other generations Sony and Microsoft have iterated on their initial machines massively, implementing 4K support, updating their processors and increasing storage in the recently released PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and the just-announced Xbox One X.

But the marketing surrounding these new machines has been muddied, with many customers - including myself - unsure as to whether these new consoles are genuine upgrades or just glorified slim models that can be passed up without missing much.

Saying goodbye to a launch day PS4 and picking up a new PS4 Pro I decided to see exactly what these iterations have to offer, and unfortunately found out that it's been a rough few months to be an early adopter of Sony's new machine.


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