10 Craziest Moments In Bioshock's History

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The BioShock series is certainly one of the most talked about and debated franchises in gaming today, with its uncompromising storytelling style that bows to no one. Continuing from the tradition of the System Shock series, BioShock carved out its own little world of Ayn Rand-inspired utopias and politics spearheaded by creative director Ken Levine. His crew shaped a world of fear, choice and isolation, a haunting universe that played by its own rules. And when it comes to BioShock, there is no doubt that it's created some crazy, insane moments that gamers are still talking about to this day. Some gamers have argued that the series became reliant on plot twists, but whatever your feeling on the series, it's hard to argue that BioShock has influenced a lot of what we know of in gaming today. Some of these moments defined an entire generation, from the lighthouse descent that started it all in the original BioShock to the mind-bending reveal of Booker's true identity at the end of Infinite. It can't be overstated how much care and precision that Levine brings to his writing, as it has definitively shaped the world of gaming for generations to come. So let's get going and take a look at ten of the most insane, off the wall moments from the history of BioShock.

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