10 Crazy Video Game Spin-Offs You Won't Believe Exist

Learn to spell with one of the smartest characters in gaming... Mario?

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Video game spin-offs have been around for almost as long as the medium itself, serving as a way for developers to try something different with a popular IP.

Considering the financial realities of the entertainment biz, you can't really blame game creators for trying to cash in on a pre-established property - even if the result of those efforts is a spin-off game that is so completely bizarre, you'll be equal parts impressed that someone had the balls to suggest the idea, and shocked that the publisher actually elected to greenlight it.

Sure, not all gaming spin-offs are completely nuts - nobody's going to call you insane for suggesting a kart racer - but some are so far removed from the tone, style and gameplay of the main series that you can't help but stop and go... "what?"

From a Mario dance game to a Pokémon TV simulator, there are countless ways in which some of gaming's biggest names have tried to branch out and try something new, but the end product can sometimes be a little bit crazier than you might expect.


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