10 Dated Video Game Clichés That Need To Die

Though the gaming medium has undoubtedly done its best over the course of the last decade or so to prove…

T.J. Barnard



Though the gaming medium has undoubtedly done its best over the course of the last decade or so to prove to naysayers that, hey, this is an art form that deserves to be admired too, you know, there are a few nagging clichés that developers seemingly can’t help themselves but including, game after game. And partly there’s good reason as to why we always see the same annoying things in video games over and over again: they have to exist if you’re ever going to have any fun.

Because as much as gamers cry out for realism nowadays, a truly realistic game – one that makes you walk the actual distance between Syria and Moscow and asks you to actually reload every shotgun shell by tapping X over and over again – would be boring as hell. Which means that developers sometimes find it difficult to bypass certain clichés when they’re trying to pad the damn game out. Still, despite the fact that we understand exactly how difficult it is to, say, not include these things in video games sometimes, here are 10 dated clichés that bug the hell out of us anyway.

10. “Why is this shotgun’s range so freakin’ terrible?”


A shotgun is a weapon designed for the purposes of blowing something to pieces, usually so that you can stare at those pieces afterwards and feel badass about the fact that you pulled a trigger and turned something that was once living into a pile of mush. And though the usual reaction to picking up a shotgun in a video game is “Yeah, sweet,” you’ve got to admit that the range on this type of weapon is generally rather restricting.

Contrary to popular belief, though, developers aren’t purposely trying to limit how much fun you’re having by ensuring that you have to be practically kissing a grunt on the nose to dispatch him with a shotgun: games have just turned the shotgun into a close-up killing machine because… well, that’s it. It makes things varied. My research tells me, however, that your average shotgun (if there is such a thing) will prove effective at around 25 metres. That seems fair. What do you think developers? Think you could give us a 25 metre range shotgun next time around? Developers? Hello?