10 Dated Video Game Clichés That Need To Die

9. "Why can't I pick up my enemy's weapon? I should definitely be able to pick up my enemy's weapon." Katana_stab_WaW "Oh, sweet, a katana... I can't wait to pick that -- " Slow down, keen gamer. Although video games have improved vastly when it comes to allowing players to take the intimate possessions of somebody they've just stabbed in the back of the head, some developers still cling to the idea that, no, somebody just wouldn't take the much better full-loaded machine gun from a dead soldier and would instead continue using the pistol. I mean, c'mon: it's not as if we're asking programmers to design wallets for every dead enemy so that we can decide whether or not to add pictures of their wives to our inventories, we just want to be able to perform a basic human function: stealing weaponry. Because we all know, as gamers, that there's nothing more depressing than staring at a huge gun placed right in front of you that - for some unexplained reason - you're simply not allowed to utilize. Don't they see how stupid an apparently "cool" protagonist looks if they're out of ammo and being shot at, yet there's a perfectly good gun on the ground that the universe just won't allow them to pick up? The answer, dear developers, is very, very stupid.

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