10 Despicable Gaming Moments That Show The Censors Might Have A Point

9. Splatterhouse (2010)

Splatterhouse €“ the 2010 game not the original 1988 release €“ is one of the most broken games I've ever had the misfortune to attempt to play. Not because of its swimming pools of blood €“ which I'll get to later €“ but because of its awful controls that feel like the game is fighting your commands, a camera that is less interested in the game than I am, and frame rate problems straight from the masked demon himself. Now for actual gory content, I feel pretty comfortable in saying that Splatterhouse is the bloodiest game I've ever played. Everything exposes thick red plasma at a mere glance €“ probably because the blood effects are the only redeeming portion of Splatterhouse €“ so touching an enemy will cause them to fire red goo at you like some strange blood-powered cannon. I do think the developers were trying to create a title that was gruesome for the hell of it, but failing to program simple gameplay mechanics makes Splatterhouse feel very juvenile.

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