10 Disturbing Video Games You Can NEVER Play Alone

Get ready for some nightmares.

Project Siren

For when you fancy living in an actual nightmare, horror games are always there to scratch that disgusting, rashy, probably-a-bit-infected itch. Built to test your endurance in a world where your worst fears are a stark reality, horror games are designed with the most terrifying reflections of society in mind - where demons roam freely, old ghosts haunt your past and the skeletons in the closet are pretty literal.

Whilst we've always been told to face our fears, fighting off rabid zombies and psychological torment as a pixelated pastime probably isn't the right way to go about it.

And, because it's not scary until we're mentally scarred, here are some of the most frightening titles you can find in the dank depths of the horror community, since we all know about the P.T.s and Resident Evils and Silent Hills of the world by now.

They make for some gameplay much better faced with a party than on your own for the protection of your very mind as you know it - Frodo needed the Fellowship, after all.

And yes, xx_EdgeLord_2004_xx, we already know you're hard as nails down in the comments and none of these titles are REALLY scared you, but maybe you can have some fun along with the rest of us.


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