10 Early Video Game Abilities That Change EVERYTHING

How to break a game in the best way possible.


Whether you start a video game as someone with no skill at all - or you're granted a taste of what's to come like in Metroid Prime - the progression from nought to badass can be incredibly rewarding.

The sense of achievement in levelling/earning new skills and abilities to become the stuff of legend is great, validating your efforts and struggles along the way to get where you are now.

But sometimes, whether intentionally or not, the game allows you to experience some of these earlier than expected. It could be a type of character class you pick at the start of your adventure, or perhaps a perk or skill that swings the odds in your favour. It could even be something as simple as being able to evade hordes of enemies without tiring easily, or targeting multiple enemies in one swoop.

It doesn't necessarily mean the game is going to be a breeze from here on in, but it's always nice to get that helping hand so early on. Sometimes these exploits get balanced or patched out entirely, sometimes developers leave them in to help players finish the story.

Whatever the reason, accidental or intended, here are a pick of some early game abilities you can exploit to your advantage.


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