10 Embarrassing Gaming Moments Our Parents Walked In On

“Mum, I’m busy. Get out!”

Jack Pooley


Mass Effect

It is only in recent years that gaming has become a socially acceptable past-time, in large part thanks to Nintendo’s efforts with the Wii to make video games appeal to non-traditional demographics, namely middle-aged, middle-class folk.

Admitting to being a gamer used to be something you would mutter amid other conversation, yet even today, it can be an occasional source of embarrassment if your parents, or really anyone like a girlfriend or landlord (if you’re a little older) walks in at an inopportune moment.

What could the uninitiated party catch an eyeful of? Deviant sexuality? Straight up perversion? Kinky violence? Perhaps even a private, emotional moment in the game that you would prefer nobody else to see?

We’ve all had parents walk into our bedroom at the worst possible moment of a video game, and trying to explain to them that you’re not some sort of mouth-breathing pervert can be both embarrassing and a ludicrous amount of effort. After all, once your parents have caught you watching animated interspecies lesbian sex, how can they look at you the same way at the dinner table?

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