10 Essential PS1 RPGs (That Aren't Final Fantasy)

What about the rest of the best?

Square Enix

If you were to ask anyone what their favourite RPG on the Sony's breakthrough console was, more often than not it'll be one of the Final Fantasies.

Whether Final Fantasy VII with it's revolutionary form of storytelling, or VIII with its broody teen time travel drama, or IX with its...monkey-boy, other world clone saga thing. It's usually one of those.

Scratch the surface and look past what many consider to be Squaresoft's holy trinity, and you'll find a whole wealth of RPGs more than worthy of your attention. Epic journeys, beautiful graphics and sweeping, orchestral scores all brought together to create wonderful worlds and stories.

Some may not have exceeded sales targets and slipped under the radar, whilst others have gained a more recent cult following over the years. Some bare the mark of being branded with, "Yeah, but it's not Final Fantasy, is it?" and thus get shunned.

Now, some of these on the list are also by Squaresoft, but before you cry "Oi, he's breaking his own rules!", bear in mind they're completely different entities to Final Fantasy. So don't expect to see Tactics on here, for example.


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