When it comes to video games I have a certain bias toward anything made by BioWare. Even though Capcom really grabbed my attention with the amazing Dragon’s Dogma, BioWare is still my favorite developer. I find it interesting that they really put themselves on the map with the classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game, but ultimately took hold of the RPG genre with a widely successful sci-fi game called Mass Effect.

Ironically, Mass Effect bore striking resemblance to Star War’s perceived fan boy nemesis Star Trek. Playing the Mass Effect series got me to thinking, what needs to happen to turn the corner and just make a great Star Trek game in earnest.

Here are a few ideas, ten in fact…


10.  A Versatile Engine


I promise that this article will not be a thinly veiled attempt to suggest repackaging Mass Effect as Star Trek, so this will be the only actual direct comparison between the two IP’s. What Star Trek needs to do is create a game play engine that makes the transition between game aspects seamless. Mass Effect gets this done and when something works… the game’s engine should allow the player to experience the world, the ship, and the locations from mostly the same position. This allows for the idea that there is danger behind every corner. I

t’s the same basic reasoning as to why the in game graphics should also be the cut scene graphics. Also, the engine has to allow for dialogue with as many NPC’s (Non- Player Characters) as possible. The engine would need to be able to process a good amount of complex characters that aren’t static, something I’ll go into detail on later.

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This article was first posted on May 18, 2013