10 Evil Video Game Villains You Couldn't Wait To Kill

Even death couldn't stop your need to see the heads of these villains on spikes.

Wolfenstein 2

A gaming hero is only as good as their villain, but unlike movies or television, it can be quite difficult for developers to create antagonists who remain interesting, compelling, and most importantly, threatening, for a whole game. Because they have to maintain their threat level for anywhere between two to 200 hours, big bads often take a backseat, only showing up for pivotal moments at the beginning and end while spending much of the game as a distant, abstract threat.

However, some games and franchises have seemingly perfected the art of crafting deliciously evil baddies that you love to hate, effortlessly building up the anticipation to the moment you finally get off the back foot and sink a hatchet into their skull.

Sparking up a genuine rivalry with the player, these are the villains who, every time they show up, you know are going to ruin your day, no doubt resulting in someone losing their life, their limbs, or maybe even their pride, before you get away.

I'm not advocating violence, but when you finally caught up to these villains, a brutal execution was more than deserved.

Spoilers ahead.


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