10 Excessively Violent Video Game Moments That Shocked The World

The debate surrounding video game violence continues to rage as games become ever-more realistic, and even as hardened gamers, we often find ourselves shocked by the gratuitous, often provocative violence we see on screen. Though the majority of games teach us to be flippant with regard to killing enemies, and in turn this desensitises us, these 10 games certainly reminded us what real violence was, and that when dealt with in a graphic enough manner, a facetious tone won't be enough to make us laugh it off. Some of these games sparked a moral outrage, some were seen as awesome by bloodhounds the world over, and some of them made us lose our lunch. Here are 10 excessively violent video game moments that shocked the world...

10. The Whole Freaking Game - Soldier of Fortune

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK6lzBuPoEg I played Raven Software's Soldier of Fortune for the first time when I was far too young. Needless to say, its GHOUL damage model engine left a firm impression on not just my young mind, but on just about everyone who dared play it, regardless of age. As hadn't been seen in games before, Soldier of Fortune allowed you to remove every single limb from an enemy using your weaponry, and even decapitate them. This of course encouraged players to continue brutalising enemies after death, using the game's ridiculously over-powered shotgun to separate them into at least 6 different pieces. The game also promoted savouring violence; you could shoot an enemy in the crotch, and they would writhe around in pain, holding their junk and practically begging you to put them out of their misery. It's an utterly sadistic experience, albeit one which is ludicrously entertaining, and leaves a strong impression even a decade later. Apparently not satisfied with the game's level of blood and guts, though, the modding community has added even more revolting blood effects to the mix.
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