10 Exciting 2018 Video Games Nobody Is Talking About

Game Of The Year contenders in the making...

Odd Tales

Gaming has become an unpredictable industry where AAA titles are constantly hyped up beyond reasonable expectations, leading to games that are enjoyable, but ultimately unworthy of the hype placed on them. Following those disappointments, the cycle inevitably continues as new titles are unveiled and the hype train begins again.

On the other side, there are those titles that come out of nowhere and win the hearts of gamers everywhere. An ambitious effort from a unknown developer, an under-discussed AAA release overshadowed by bigger names, or even a sequel to an under-appreciated original instalment.

These underdog projects thrive when not facing the immense pressure and hype as the competition, and without massive hype marketing that plagues big-name projects, a game can be judged solely on its own merits.

Each entry on this list earns its place here through its lack of major coverage and player buzz, which will hopefully change as their individual release dates draw closer.

After all, underrated gems are something to cherish, but under-sold gems don't get sequels, and it's up to us to ensure no promising franchise ends too soon.


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