10 Extremely Expensive Upcoming Video Games (That Have Already Flopped)

Not even Mark Hamill can save Star Citizen.

Cloud Imperium

Game development is a long and strenuous process. You're forced to deal with stumbling blocks, one after the other, with no real break in between. This leads to ballooning budgets, possibly drastic creative changes, and a gradual loss in player interest. Although not every big-budget, long-in-development game goes through such things, there are always unfortunate exceptions.

Whether they're high-profile titles hoping to coast off their name (and nothing else) or a entirely under-marketed new IP that no one knows about, these games typically end up serving as cautionary tales on what to avoid when developing titles in general.

Now, are these games - and the ones in this list - doomed? Certainly not.

They just may defy the odds, like Final Fantasy XV or DOOM, achieving great success with critics and fans. You never know.

Some titles included here may surprise you, particularly because they, like other development hell ideas, have strong brand recognition. However, regardless of marketable pull or quality gameplay concepts, games stuck in a seemingly-unending grind can find themselves in too deep, without much of a chance to rise against the odds. Here's hoping they defy the odds and prove their extra development time was well worth it.


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