10 Famous Gaming ‘Heroes’ You Didn’t Realise Were Villains

Beyond their charming exteriors and outwardly good intentions lies something much darker…

Tom Butler


Midway Games
Midway Games

As the industry has developed and matured, more and more video games are allowing gamers to play as anti-heroes, or even all-out villains. Considering the popularity of game series like Grand Theft Auto, God of War and Hitman, it seems like everyone feels good when being bad every now and then.

Traditionally, video games have put us in the shoes of the hero. Even today, the vast majority of games will see the player striving to rescue a character in need, or saving the world from destruction. Sometimes though, no matter how innocent or noble their intentions may seem, these ‘heroes’ can be worse than the supposed villains they’re fighting against.

While a lot of this stems from the questionable morality of these heroes, it can also come down to the actual villains being misunderstood in their actions. It’s very rare that we ever actually get to see things from their point-of-view, outside the warped perspective of the (supposedly) good side.

This list takes a tongue-in-cheek look at famous gaming heroes that partook in particularly devious activities. From horrific acts of animal genocide, to larceny on a massive scale, these heroes were actually the true villains of their respective games.