10 Fatal Issues That Could Kill Destiny 2

One step forward, two steps back.


The honeymoon period is over.

A month has flown by since Destiny 2's launch, ample time for Guardians new and old to wrest back control of their Traveler-touched homeworld from the Red Legion and their brutish leader Ghaul, the final obstacle standing between you and the main attraction: endgame.

Or what exists of it, anyway. Bungie's made an unquantifiable leap of progress for Destiny 2's story. Easily digestible, coherent and satisfying, Earth's war with the Cabal is everything the original's disjointed narrative wasn't, but in focusing on improving Destiny's biggest failure, much of what comes after has suffered as a result.

Video game sequels should take the basic template of their predecessors and improve upon every facet. For every successful revamp - planet patrol actually has engaging content - a handful of questionable design choices have cropped up. They range from simple missteps, such as introducing unwarranted timers into the once-popular Nightfall Strike (simple fix, that one) to deeply concerning missteps that show a lack of foresight on Bungie's part.

When all's said and done, Destiny 2 is a better game than its predecessor was at launch, but if Bungie wants to ensure it leaves behind the same positive legacy, changes need to be made, and quick.

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