10 Pathetic Video Game Baddies You Should Feel Bad For Killing

How COULD you?!

There's a long history of underwhelming video game boss battles, from as far back as the earliest days of gaming - it seems for some reason that no matter how high the production values or how well-executed the story and characters, some developers just can't strike the right balance between the light and dark sides of the force. And it's not just boss battles - there are just as many woefully inept video game henchmen who probably don't deserve the beating you hand out to them without so much as a second thought as you progress through your game to the more important moments. But you should think, and you should regret. These idiots are the embodiment of gaming cannon fodder, never given a chance, and unlikely to be mourned, and the time has come to start feeling bad about killing them. Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys kicking puppies, this article goes out to you.

Honourable Mention

Bowser/ King Koopa
The only boss (almost) on this list makes it as an Honourable Mention thanks to his early game appearances, in which he guarded the final chamber in a menacing castle full of lava and spikey things. He always looked pretty scary, with his spikes and great big teeth, but he wasn't exactly the most nimble of creatures, and taking him out was simply a matter of dodging his fireballs and rushing underneath him when he jumped, to press the special button he had for some reason installed that removed the floor and sent him to his death. Luckily for him, the giant lizard king with a penchant for blonde princesses became an awful lot more menacing as the games went on, but after a couple of castles in the first Super Mario Bros game, it felt wrong to keep sending Bowser to his fiery (though oddly impermanent) death.
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