10 Fearsome Video Game Women You Should Never Mess With

Article II Acts of "badassery" by men in video games are a given, depending on the genre. It can be expected that the Twilight Princess incarnation of Link will dish out an epic amount of whup-ass as he goes on his quest to eventually save Zelda's butt. Marcus Fenix will do bad, BAD things to the Locust as he and his squad struggle to gain ground in the war. And Kratos... let's face it. Anyone buying a God of War game pretty much knows that at some point, he will violently dismember some unfortunate Greek hero or mythological creature.


This Satyr is gonna have a bad time.

That being said, it is (unfortunately) not as common to see the same expectations for the ladies of gaming. Video games, like other digital mediums, suffer from the presence of fewer big name women, as opposed to men - which is still due to the fact that gaming is still a male dominated hobby - even if women are closing the gap. As of now, it's about 55% men to 45% women, but I digress.

It shouldn't be that players of both sexes feel that women are underrepresented in ass-kicking roles, because if one's knowledge of gaming is sufficient, it can actually be said that there are several female game leads - much like comic book heroines - who are very much badasses in their own right, just overlooked or forgotten. Additionally, the genres of games that they're in is relatively diverse. Whereas a male lead may instantly bring to mind a swordsman or soldier, women possess a pleasant amount of variety in this regard. Let's have at it!

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